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Dada and Ruzbeh in conversation

Excerpts from YouTube videos of Dada and Ruzbeh in conversation

Stillness cleanses the mind – sit in silence 15 minutes at a time, keep on increasing the 15 minute intervals. Blessed is the one who is pure in spirit. We can cleanse our bad karma’s by doing good karma’s. To detoxify, work in selflessness, dedication and satsang.
Diet can be transcended
We carry bad karma’s from our past lives, our aim of life is to be like a Holy man by achieving perfection which means awareness
The Integrated Education is missing – City dweller feels superior to the Villager. Joint Family passed on Godly values to children. The very first lesson which should be taught is that God is watching you, second lesson that you must always speak the truth, control over anger which needs a power superior to his own
In rare cases one may be born as an animal or some other form – like in case of heinous crimes. Law of Karma is not punitive, but reformative. Law of Karma is one aspect of God and God is love.
Forgiveness is important because peace of mind is the richest treasure of mankind. Purity has precedence over forgiveness but forgiveness includes forgetfulness. Shampoo your mind everyday means forgiving.
Besides selflessness and humility, self-control is required and the best way is to walk the way of acceptance. Let thy will prevail – Tum hi sab kuch jaanat Priyatam, teri icha puran ho. Sukh mein, dukh mein, mere Priyatam, Teri icha puran ho! Thou knowest everything beloved, Let thy will always be done. In Joy and Sorrow, my Beloved, let Thy will always be done!
To put your ego aside, be in a circle of seekers who have surrendered. Or go against the ego. Surrender is only needed
Master said his last words “Be by me” – so I am not alone but that’s his grace
Between here and Astral world, there is a Purgatory – where one cant hide desires – so one shakes it off to reach Astral world
If degree of desires are more, one comes back

From the Astral world, one goes to the Causal world – Astral body dies and Causal body comes alive – it is here one comes to know one’s destiny. When you come back, you have forgotten that you have made the decision yourself
Visualization – Man does not use even 10% of his power, 90% is wasted. With visualization, either you change what is around you, or you change yourself
Difference between affirmation and visualization – Visualization is more powerful, it can alter reality or you!
During pregnancy, Mother should be careful that no negative thought or feeling enters her mind. As much of spiritual listening, singing, thinking that she can do. Mother has to talk to the child in the womb with spiritual lessons.
In a calamity when several people die, there is a National Karma or Group Karma
Karmon ki gatt nyari, Karma is not arithmetic
Moment of death is destined but in some cases, it can be postponed
A perfect Master can decide when to leave. There was a Master who woke up every morning in the “Graha” and asked him what are the instructions for the day
The mind is that which separates me from you – the Individuality, which creates duality
If there could be merger of minds, there would be true harmony and peace
The need of a Guru to quieten the mind and reach the state of surrender and oneness – because the mind will not surrender itself to anyone but the Guru. The surrender has to be done by the mind itself
The soul does not go anywhere after it leaves the body because space dimension applies so long only once it is in the body. The soul’s journey is a journey is consciousness, which is different from space. Heaven and Hell are states of consciousness.
The soul does not take up physical body immediately after death, it goes off to sleep as it is tired and then wakes up. Then it is assigned a task in the astral world, it dies again and goes to causal world, which is called “Devakana”. It is there that the soul gets complete view of itself and the Universe
Keeping some time for silence is so that you have time to think of God. God gives us 1440 minutes every day. Once you thank God for giving you this birth, then next question automatically arises – What for is this human birth? What are the duties as a human being? We realize that it is a simple way, but we keep on postponing.
To forego anger, prayer is the answer. There are certain things which I cant do on my own, I need a superpower. Scientist Babson said “The greatest and least used power is the power of Prayer”
Group chanting or Group meditation helps
Idea behind spirituality is that you are not the body that you wear – You can forget your body through anything creative – music, painting, drawing. Hare Krishna movement is based on music, people forget the body, they go in a trance
Sufi’s & Yogi’s insist eat less, sleep less and talk less – that is a way to God. The Gita speaks of the Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Raja Yoga and other yogas – the path that I follow is Alpa yoga or Sahaj yoga. Bhakti yoga is aligned to Alpa yoga. Sahaj yoga is yoga of surrendering to the Master. A time will come when you will be asked to render account for every idle word you have spoken – ascribed to Jesus.
How to teach silence to the child in this age of so many distractions? We must teach the child to sit in silence everyday for a while. In silence one can communicate anything. Emphasis in today’s education is on words, not deeds.  
Selflessness is very necessary – to fly, a man needs grace of Guru and God. Without grace, the disciple may become proud. He has to thank the God and feel grateful, that it is God who brought him in contact with the Guru. Without Guru’s blessings, the disciple is nothing. Behind all disciple’s efforts, is the blessings of the Guru. Blessed is the man who knows it. It is because of him that he walks on the way of humility.
Who benefits from listening to the mantra’s – if it is the one who hears, then yes. One does Kirtan when one is about to pass away. Why do we chant a mantra a particular number of times? – it is to define a thing. Usually 1,25,000 times so that one gets the habit. We can work while we pray and we can do vice versa. Purpose is to realise oneness between you and naam. Its coming back of an ancient memory.
Normal body is of 5 elements – Astral body is made of thought. Causal body is made up of “being”. From the being comes thought, from thought comes action.
A word is also a deed – Karma gets created by words. Brahma Lok, Shiva Lok, Vishnu Lok are levels of awareness – the roots are in the causal world, but they don’t occupy space. Evil thought becomes Asura, the hell. There is hope for everyone.
We become what we think. In the astral world, it is all thoughts. Physical world is a world of trial and tests. Thought can help in subduing this body but will is needed. Thoughts have vibrations which make you ultimately what you are. If you wish to change, you have to change your vibration.
God is only one, it can out on any form that he likes – the one message is that “Give Love, but the Love that you give should contain respect”
When we sleep, the silver cord remains intact – it connects the physical with the etheric double. But a man passes through the stage of awakening, dreaming, sleeping and sushupti (blissful sleep) i.e dreamless sleep. Even though sushupti may be very small period, but we have to enter it every night without being conscious of it, and it is in those moments that we get energy to work. Healing takes place all the time because every cell of the body contains the healing energy. Sushupti is divine energy as though the soul returns to its home and comes back filled with energy
Best time to pray is Brahma muhurat i.e 4 am to 4.30 am – there is a descent of vibrations from above. Second is mid-afternoon, third is Sandhya i.e twilight and fourth is just as you go to sleep. Remember the Lord for a minute after every hour or do it 5 times every day – once when you get up, once when you take breakfast, lunch, dinner and sleep. If we are specific, it has an effect – hence 5 times. Azaan or Bell is 5 times a day, if you don’t pray, you feel guilty.
A spiritual person is one whose mind and heart are moving towards God all the time. A truly spiritual person is a lover and love is of 3 types – love if someone loves you, love if someone does something to you and third of “Agape” – it is given inspite of whatever you may do. This type of love makes a person spiritual.
Meditation is sinking deeper and deeper within yourself. Man has been able to control nature so much so that he says “I have mastered nature”. Man has to know what he is. Observing your breathing is the key. But you will get more benefit if you repeat the name of your deity.
Between Karma, where does free will come in? The Universe gives us a chance – again and again and again. We are free to make the choice at every step, at every moment. Upanishad Rishi says there are 2 ways open to you – Shreya and Preya. Preya is the pleasant but it leads to your doom, Shreya is a thorny path, but it leads you to your highest good. You have to choose between the two and your choice determines your Karma for tomorrow. God gave you free will as much he kept for himself – Life is a gift which he has given
When my Guru didn’t pay attention to me, it was a process of purification and it was a lesson in humility. The Master knows best, the disciple, the shishya has to become a shishu, a family member.
The planets create electromagnetic fields – we may be born in the same place at same time but destinies would be different, because of this electromagnetic field. To not get affected by these energies, we have to discover our electromagnetic shield – to create this shield, one has to know the mechanics, which ancient people knew.
If you are on the spiritual path, people will believe that you are being hard on the family. The seeker on the path does not wish to draw closer to the spirit of attachment. In every one of his actions, he is careful to see that he takes a detached view of life.
Loneliness is a great psychological disease. We were always taught in childhood you are not alone. Repeat God’s name and go in the dark.
Secret of embracing pain is to not regard it as pain, and offer it to God so that the pain of some others is lessoned. Common man finds some sort of physical reason why the pain has occurred, which is not the right way. Nature wishes to teach us the lesson of acceptance. As life goes on, this lesson becomes more and more intense. Present day education doesn’t encourage this.
Each child brings its own destiny with itself. One can mold oneself but leave it to Law of Karma, which is not punitive, but reformative. So the Guru does not interfere with the Law of Karma, he encourages.
Gratitude is Number 1 on the path of spirituality. One prayer – Thank you God! It brings us to acceptance. I learnt through association of people who accepted.
A Fakir must have these 3 marks:
1. Zikr - Meditation
2. Fikr – Repetition of the name Divine
3. Control over Nafs (the lower self of desires)
A Fakir is supposed to control all these desires and live a pure life. He does not waste his time in idle talk but talks to the heart within, the beloved.
All that a Guru wants of the disciple is obedience, which is either 100% or 0%. Some disciples become jealous of the one’s close to the Guru. Being part of mandali is double-edged sword. Guru-Disciple relationship depends on grace of the Guru, there is no Karmic bond. Disciples closest to the Guru, one will find baser elements of character. The Guru finds them useful. Give cent percent obedience to the Guru, you become closest to him

My understanding of the book WHY DO GOOD PEOPLE SUFFER, by Dada J P Vaswani

The law of Karma is the law of cause and effect. Meditate, go deep within yourself until you touch the astral self, and you will know. The astral self keeps a record of earlier incarnations.
Atmavidya – the science of the spirit, has its laws. One is the law of Karma, other the law of incarnation.

Every thought, emotion, wish, action creates Karma and we have been creating Karma for millions of years. Man was given free will, he was given the right of choice. He can choose between what Upanishads call Preya and Shreya. Preya is the path of pleasure and Shreya is the good.

We are creators of our own destiny, many of us blame kismet. Pay attention to your thoughts, as they are seeds sown in the field of life and what you sow today, you will have to reap tomorrow.

Effects of Karma can be mitigated through Nama Japa. Saints can take over the Karma of their disciples, but normally they do not wish to interfere with the law of Karma. For they know, that the law of Karma is not punitive, but reformative. The law of Karma does not wish to punish us but to reform us and so sends us experiences which may help in our spiritual advancement.

How to face suffering? If our attention is on sufferings, they get magnified beyond all proportions. In the midst of suffering, let us count our blessings. In all conditions of life, let us thank the Lord.
Satyam vad Krodham maakuroo – Speak the truth and never get angry

It is life that is needed, not book-learning, nor intellectual or psychological interpretations.
If only we lived in the thought that God is watching us, exploitation, social injustice and maladministration would be completely eradicated from the country.

Law of Karma is built up of 2 natural, universal laws: Fist – As you think, so you become. Second – As you sow, so shall you reap.

Suffering is the benediction which God pours upon his beloved children to whom he would reveal the meaning of his infinite mercy.

Nature works in a simple way – if your thoughts, words, actions are in obedience to the laws of nature, you may be sure of a happy and harmonious life, for nature is conquered by obedience to her laws.

How may we live a life that may bear witness to the law of Karma?
1.       Always be aware of your thoughts
2.       As you sow, so shall you reap
3.       Take care of your sanga, the people with whom you associate
4.       Develop the spirit of detachment
5.       Grow from more to more, in the spirit of surrender to God
6.       Be vigilant, live in awareness all the time
7.       Do as much good as you can, to as many as you can, in as many ways as you can

I have known of no one who met the beloved in happiness. Do not resist trials, but welcome them. Everything that we welcome is transformed. Suffering is transformed into love.
The evil you do, remains with you;
The good you do, comes back to you
At the heart of everyone, everything, is goodness

Why be sad?

Excerpts from the Book JOY IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT: WHY BE SAD? And other Heart-to-Heart Talks, By Dada J. P. Vaswani

Dada starts by telling us that the deeper the joy caves in your being, the more joy you can contain. Wealth is decrease in desires. He tells us Buddha’s 4 noble truths. Krishna-shakti is desireless.
He advises us to tear the veil of the ego.
The time to begin is now.

Controlling the mind requires: Abhyasa and Vairagya. Patience & Perseverance, Detachment & Discipline, can take you to your goal. Cultivate the strength within. Let us continue with our Sadhna & daily prayers.
Walk the way of devotion. Let us give unconditional love to one and all.
Go directly to God. Make God a Senior Partner in your business.
Our deepest source of power and perfection is prayer. Walk the way of Bhakti.

To be compassionate is to experience divinity in our everyday life. The positive energy that goes out will be returned to you by the Infinite Universe. It will come back to you at the right time and in the right measure.

Life’s richest treasure is a loving heart that is at peace with all. Man wanders through 3 stages: Waking, Sleeping and Sushupti. Satsang means true fellowship with like-minded aspirants.
Wisdom consists in accepting God’s will – not with despair or resignation, but in peace & faith, knowing that our journey through life has been perfectly planned by Him. There can be no mistake in God’s plan for us.

The law of Karma in Hindu philosophy is neither fatalistic nor punitive; now is man a hapless, helpless victim in its bonds. God has blessed each one of us with reason; intellect & discrimination, as well as complete free will. Even when our past Karma inclines us towards evil, we can consciously tune our inclination towards detachment & ego-free action, thus lightening the karmic load.
Remember – insults & unjust criticism are like bad coins. You cannot avoid getting them, but you can always refuse to accept them.

Practice tapasya of the tongue. Experts tell us that 80% of all the diseases today are caused by the turmoil of negative emotions of hate, envy etc. Forgive endlessly and repeatedly and you will be free.
Faith never fails. We live in an uncertain world, where God is the only Absolute Certainty of life.
Without love, the world is like a neglected garden where no flowers bloom. Rise in love. Speak softly, gently, speak with loving kindness and treat everyone with love and respect. Let us not see the faults of others. Let us also love those who hate and criticize us. Whatever we do, whatever we say, whatever we think, whatever we give – let us do it for the pure love of God. The law of love is the law of service and sacrifice.

The love of God is the one reality in this illusory world. His love doth take care of his devotees and will never let them go.
The nature of man is love.  

3 principles to be followed on the spiritual path: Be detached, ignite the flames of lord divine and seek refuge in him and ask for his grace.
Silence heals, Silence soothes, Silence comforts, Silence purifies, Silence revitalizes us.
3 dictums of Sufism: God is one. The one creator resides in all. Annihilate your ego, become nothing

Dada and Ruzbeh in conversation

Excerpts from YouTube videos of Dada and Ruzbeh in conversation Stillness cleanses the mind – sit in silence 15 minutes at a time, ...